April 12, 2017

"One Word", plus Goblin Poetry and Beat Tea Videos

The tempter approached and said,
“If you are the Son of God,
command that these stones
become loaves of bread.”
He said in reply,
‘One does not live by bread alone,
but by every word that comes forth from the mouth of God.’”

And the Word was with God,
and the Word was God,
and the Word became flesh
and dwelt among us,
felt, among us, emotion raw and real:
joy, sorrow, anger, fear,
and agony as only flesh can feel,
when His heart was breaking,
breath shallow, hands shaking,
and it seemed like even His soul was aching,
even unto death,
but there was no one awake with Him—
His friends were sleeping
while he was sobbing, weeping,
sweating blood at the thought
of His own blood seeping into wood
where nails are keeping Him pinned,
outstretched, suffocating, bleeding
that covenantal blood
that our souls needed—
even knowing that
didn’t make it easy.
At the thought of death,
He started pleading, praying
over and over saying,
“Take this cup away from me.
Let this cup pass from me,”
yet he also recalled, in the desert,
the devil’s blasphemy:

One word,
and angels could save you.
One word,
you could make bread from stone.
One word of subjugation
and you could have this world for your own.

But even after forty days of fasting,
He refused to stoop to reaching and grasping,
not seeking equality with the Everlasting,
even at the hour of death, was asking,
asking that it wouldn’t come to pass,
adding “not my will but yours be done.”
The eternal Word, Logos, God the Son,
Who was there when time itself had begun,
sought permission not to die,
but knowing well the reason why He had to,
and knowing the Father’s will
allowed himself to be captured
stripped, whipped, beaten, tortured, killed.
Even so, he was terrified,
but even though he wept and cried
and trembled at the fear he felt inside
the only words he spoke were prayers:

And the angels brought comfort.
And the bread became flesh.
That in the final hour,
it was to the higher power
to Whom He’d acquiesce. 

And as the night drew on
and His friends awoke, the crowd approached,
and the traitor, with a loveless kiss,
broke His heart one final time.
Then the Word spoke:
“Shall I not drink the cup
that the Father has given me?”
Thus he accepted His coming calamity,
Fearfully, sorrowfully,
but no longer in agony.
Like a lamb led to slaughter, onward to Calvary
he willingly trod,
the Word-Become-Flesh,
and the Word was with God.

March 29, 2017

Life Update Vlog, plus January, February, and March Poems

*Also, check out Kay Spivey’s channel!

March 22, 2017

Here I am, late again

Here I am, late again,
Wednesday at ten,
trying to conjure up words with my pen,
but the magic’s not working,
not like it worked then.
“Then?” When was that, how I wonder…

Last week was springtime.
The sun finally came,
searing away
the malaise
and the pain—
the ache in my neck,
the fog in my brain,
and the sadness that’d torn me asunder.

This week,
winter has come back to town.
Thunder-snow roars
and pools on the ground.
Though just an inch deep,
I feel like I’ll drown,
in the coldness
that’s pulling me under.

I just want greenery,
warmth, and the sun.
I want to finish
what I’ve left undone.
I want the words to spill forth and run
like magic,
like springtime,
like thunder.

March 7, 2017

Outcast Shadows Release!

Outcast Shadows is out and available for online purchase!

I will also be selling Miscast Spells and Outcast Shadows at the Tucson Festival of Books. I'll be at the Young Adult Author Pavilion, Booth #456 on Saturday, March 11th, from 12:15 pm - 2:15 pm. 

If you are familiar with the University of Arizona campus, look for the booth across the sidewalk from the northwest corner of the Special Collections wing of the library, or just to the east of the opening looking down on the Integrated Learning Center. If you’ve never been on campus, ask for the Teen and Author Stage; I’ll be at the booth just south of it. There are plenty of volunteers and info booths at the festival, as well as a map on the festival website.

Please come, say hello, and buy a signed copy of my books!

March 1, 2017

Love and Chaos: The First Duel to the Death

“Marriage is a duel to the death which no man of honour should decline.”
 G.K. Chesterton

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