July 27, 2015

Hatchdays and Laydays

The spider scrambled from one side of the overturned glass to the other, looking for an escape route.
“It's okay,” Millicent said, making sure to keep the playing card flat against the open end of the glass. “Soon, you'll be safe and sound.”
She carried the creature down the steps into the garden and over to the hedge maze, where a topiary chess knight stood waiting. Carefully, she removed the cup from the card and watched the spider fall onto the knight and scurry into the leaves.
“There you go. There are lots of nooks and crannies for building webs in there.”

July 20, 2015

Meet Millicent!

Full Name: Millicent Minikin
Age: Fifteen going on sixteen (thirteen in "Hatchdays and Laydays")
Height: 5’3”        
So cute!  Illustration by Claire Corcoran.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Leafy green bob
Likes: Animals, picnics, cleaning, cooking, magic, inventions, the color yellow
Dislikes: Failure, spicy food, mildew, sticky film on surfaces that ought to be clean, eels
Occupation: Maid, cook, doorman, gardener…
Favorite food: Marzipan
Place of Birth: South Wellington, Empire
Spirit Animal: Dik-dik
Spirit Vegetable Fruit: Strawberry
Little Known Fact: She has a slightly dark sense of humor, but almost never shows it

July 13, 2015

Satellite Song: Kurow no Monogatari

Here is a fanfiction poem I wrote after playing Okamiden. It's sort of spoilery, so go ahead and skip this one if you ever want to play that game.

July 4, 2015

Your First Time Flying

I watch the city slip away.
A gust of wind comes roaring past.
My dyed-black ringlets waver as
atop my broom I freely fly.

Behind, you clutch me, terrified,
around the middle, for dear life,
and glare down at the road below,
as hard as death is imminent.

If you would simply raise your eyes
from off the pavement to the sky
you’d see the clouds, all flame and fire,
a pink and orange sunset blaze.

Your grip is loosened and I hear
a gasp of wide-eyed wonderment.
We travel on, two sister’s, we,
into the star filled dome of night.