August 31, 2015

Curiosity and the Cat

          Sealed on the immortal beast's back, the map was safely locked away in the library of Catawampus, protected by that institution’s labyrinthine shelves, thus closing the chapter on the Gammon-Catawampus War.
Sebastian sat, surrounded by other books on the subject of goblin military history, and stared at the page. An immortal beast mentioned by name and location in a history textbook was something he had never encountered before. If Alistair had known about it, then maybe… He shook his head, bringing himself back to the present moment. There was no point speculating about what might or might not have happened in the past.

August 24, 2015

Meet Sebastian!

Full Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: 1’5” when sitting        
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Black and white fur
Likes: Reading, sulking, magical theory, humans, sweets
Dislikes: Delilah, Styx, being touched suddenly, seeing people being manipulated
Occupation: Unknown
Favorite Food: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Spirit Animal: Cat
Spirit Vegetable Fruit: Lemon
Little Known Fact: He has only 
tried fish once, and he hated it. Still, if Millicent offered him some (she assumes he likes it, since he is a cat), he would probably eat it anyway.

August 16, 2015

Sonnet for a Desperate Mobster

I find another body at my feet
And, damn it, it’s my bullet in his head.
Now that this place is lousy with the heat
I’ve come to wish this mug was not so dead.

This stiff will soon begin to decompose,
Festering quite rankly in my trunk,
And any cop who’s got a working nose
Will come to see what’s making such a funk.

Should he sleep with the fishes?  Ah, no dice;
That’s where the flatfoots always check at first.
Maybe I should think before I ice;
This predicament has got to be the worst.

That’s it! I’m giving up! I’ve had enough!
Compared to this, the big house ain’t so tough.

August 9, 2015


This week, have another fanfiction poem! This one is inspired by the Soul Eater manga (not the anime) and the character of Justin Law.  It’s full of spoilers.


I was born a guillotine.
I played the role of priest.
I made myself a Reaper’s scythe,
         but now I serve a beast.
They called me a prodigy.
My medium was death
and 99 demonic souls
         deprived of their last breath.
I’d paint the town a bloodshot red
when metal met cold stone.
I always worked to music,
         and I always worked alone.

August 3, 2015


From my painted glass eyes
I see a place I don't belong.
If I move, I’m quickly trampled
by people who are giants.