September 28, 2015

Meet Delilah!

Full Name: Queen Delilah Glossolalia of Styx
Age: Fifty-six (whatever that means for a goblin); fifty-three in "Goblins and Ghosts"
Height: 5’11”        
Eyes: Large and yellow with snake pupils
Hair: Long, spiky, and bubblegum pink,
Likes: Fashion, lounging around, string, springs, practical and impractical jokes, pineapples, teasing people, the color purple
Dislikes: Losing, being mistaken for a human, anyone who threatens Styx
Occupation: Queen of Styx
Favorite Food: Black Jelly
Place of Hatching: Styx Castle, Styx
Spirit Animal: Cat
Spirit Vegetable Fruit: Pineapple
Little Known Fact: She gets her hair from her father’s side of the family. Most Styxians have blue or green hair.

September 21, 2015

Two Poems I Wrote in High School


One day I thought I’d go
to a castle out in Spain,
but sadly my poor map got wet,
and the ink ran in the rain.

And at the end of my adventures,
my face turned bright, bright red,
for I was not in Spain at all,
but Singapore instead.

September 14, 2015

My Love is Like a Stripy Scarf

The following is a traditional goblin poem by Circuitous Root. Note the lack of consistent rhythm and meter, as well as the needless repetition, as is proper for goblin poetry.

My Love is Like a Stripy Scarf

My love is like a stripy scarf
I wear in wintry weather
and wrap and wrap around myself
as we go out together.

September 6, 2015

Fall Like Lightning

You look out of your tower painted white
and hear the teeming masses shout your name.
Do you regret the wicked price of fame,
the beatific gift you lost that night?
And do you still believe it is the same—
these peacock feathers tinged with darkened flame,
a pale imitation of your light?

This sovereignty constructed out of bones,
where your unshriven vassalage must dwell—
Was this what you desired when you fell?
Can you not hear those pitiable moans
above the words your legionaries yell?
It is the song of pride that burns in hell
and echoes off the alabaster stones.