June 22, 2015

Meet Bostwick!

Full Name: Bostwick von Dogsbody
Age: Seventeen (Fourteen in "Her Eyes Were Limpet Pools")
Height:  5’8”        
So grumpy! Illustration by Claire Corcoran.
Eyes: Blue
Hair:  Brown, short
Likes: magic, poetry, hearty food, reading
Dislikes: Delilah, being disrespected, getting wet, being annoyed, nonsense, chaos
Occupation: Court magician Door-to-door magician Butler
Favorite Food: Stew
Place of Birth: The Capital, Empire
Spirit Animal: Badger
Spirit Vegetable: Eggplant
Little Known Fact:  Though he pretends not to care about it, he has learned a lot about stationery from his parents and actually likes it a lot.

What can one say about a person like Bostwick? If he were a plant, he’d be a cactus. Though he is only seventeen, he seems more like a particularly cantankerous forty-year old man. Did something happen to make him that way? Is he misunderstood? Does he have some childhood trauma? Ha, ha, no. Nothing like that. That's just the way he is. Still, if he meets a genuinely good person, he’ll usually (usually) try to be less grumpy around them.

He was born to a family of stationers and raised in the Capital, which is the cunningly named capital city of the Empire. Once it became apparent that he was magically inclined, he enrolled in the prestigious Melieh’s Academy of Magic. From there, he went to work for the royal family of Camellia, and from there... Well, let’s just say he’s done a lot of traveling since then.

Read more about him in “Her Eyes were Limpet Pools”, a story that takes place during his (comparatively) halcyon days at the Academy.


  1. Bostwick, Bostwick, Bostwick... or should I call him von Dogsbody?

  2. If you do, he'll be more annoyed than usual.