July 20, 2015

Meet Millicent!

Full Name: Millicent Minikin
Age: Fifteen going on sixteen (thirteen in "Hatchdays and Laydays")
Height: 5’3”        
So cute!  Illustration by Claire Corcoran.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Leafy green bob
Likes: Animals, picnics, cleaning, cooking, magic, inventions, the color yellow
Dislikes: Failure, spicy food, mildew, sticky film on surfaces that ought to be clean, eels
Occupation: Maid, cook, doorman, gardener…
Favorite food: Marzipan
Place of Birth: South Wellington, Empire
Spirit Animal: Dik-dik
Spirit Vegetable Fruit: Strawberry
Little Known Fact: She has a slightly dark sense of humor, but almost never shows it

Millicent is the quintessential maid: conscientious, proper, diligent, agreeable… clumsy… easily distracted… Still, despite her faults, she made a successful campaign against the filth that once occupied Styx Castle, so much so that she was quickly promoted from “Maid” to “Maid and Cook”, then to “Maid, Cook, and Gardener”, and so on. If they had an automobile, she would happily accept the title of “Chauffeur”.

She is a kind person who tries to give even the most unpleasant people a chance. This easygoing attitude allows her to get along well with goblins, since she is more willing to put up with their nonsense than the average human. Though generally cheerful, she tends to lack self-confidence and be easily defeated. If a friend is in trouble, however, she forgets herself (and her own timidity) and does what needs to be done.

Read more about her in “Hatchdays and Laydays”, a short story that takes place in her early days of cleaning Castle Styx.

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