August 9, 2015


This week, have another fanfiction poem! This one is inspired by the Soul Eater manga (not the anime) and the character of Justin Law.  It’s full of spoilers.


I was born a guillotine.
I played the role of priest.
I made myself a Reaper’s scythe,
         but now I serve a beast.
They called me a prodigy.
My medium was death
and 99 demonic souls
         deprived of their last breath.
I’d paint the town a bloodshot red
when metal met cold stone.
I always worked to music,
         and I always worked alone.

Now I’m a blade and I’m a man
and so the Reaper said,
“Find the master of all madness.”
         But he found me instead.
His clowns think that they turned me,
that they forced the madness in,
but beneath this snow white collar
         I was always black with sin.
See, I once loved the god of death,
then a city on a hill,
then loved a demon in the moon.
         But I’ve always loved to kill.

So don’t call me traitor,
if that’s what you came to say.
With this symphony of madness
         I won’t hear you anyway.
Now come into my slaughterhouse
where unbowed heads will roll.
To those accursed 99,
         I’ll add just one more soul.
And if you look up as you die
you’ll see the blade’s descent.
The only unforgiven sin
         is I do not repent.


  1. Even though I haven't seen the anime, I feel as though I know this character. Very descriptive and a great poem!

  2. I highly recommend Soul Eater. It's a bit long, but the character's are great and the themes/motifs are fascinating. As for the descriptions, one thing I love about writing poems inspired by anime is that the work of finding interesting images/symbols for poems is done for me. Justin is literally a guillotine (in Soul Eater, some people are born with the ability to become weapons, or in this case, implements of execution) who works for the grim reaper, there really are demonic clowns that factored into his joining the bad guys, there is a demon in the moon, etc, etc. The imagery in that show/manga is fantastic, and Justin is just a minor character. I could write epics for some of the main characters.