December 14, 2015

Beat Tea Poetry

I know the title makes no sense.
Beat tea poetry:
shouldn't it be tea beat poetry,
or beat poetry on tea?
I'm not even sure it's beat to be honest.
Beat honest.
Beat honest about your non-beat poetry,
A beat-boxing poet's beat poem about tea
that steeps. The kettle keeps time
as she types on the keys,
tries to rhyme as the water turns green
and the leaves unfurl, swirl.
Then the steam from the kettle breaks free.
Second steeping, not time to be stopping,
she leaps to the water, fills the pot to the brim,
then it's back to typing her piping hot poem.
The tea simmers and she goes on hitting keys
and dreaming, trying to get what's in her head
so it won't turn bitter.

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