September 12, 2016

Ode to a Pair of Sneakers

Today is a throw-back poetry day... way, way back. I wrote this poem in middle school, in either 6th or 7th grade, so that would be around fifteen years ago! I wrote strange poetry even then. Anyway, it's a cute little poem about a pair of sneakers and their typical day at school. Seeing as my soul has been consumed by graduate classes and substitute teaching, I've been feeling in a particularly back-to-school mood. Next week will be more scholastic goodness, as you'll meet three of the students who attend Melieh's Academy of Magic, but for now, enjoy my poem:

Ode to a Pair of Sneakers

If I were to become a shoe,
a sneaker black and sole anew,
I’d be very versatile
and ready for a hearse or ball.
I would flex and contort.
“I’m so comfy,” I’d retort.
I’d be active and so wild,
belonging to a hyper child.
If I were to become a shoe,
this is exactly what I’d do:

I’d go to school— alas! I shudder.
The teachers teach, the children mutter.
My child doodles knight and sword.
I must admit, I, too, am bored.
I walk the halls at last to lunch.
Boy, I’d sure like some food to munch.
We’re now outside at last, to play,
In the shining light of day.
I’m running when I hear a bell.
Again to school, all nice and well.
Alas, to all the work and drudge,
But I’m not one to hold a grudge.

Finally, back at home— hooray!
Now it’s time to laugh and play.
I climb, I dance, forever frolic.
I guess I’m just a fun-a-holic.
The darkness makes its first deposit.
I find myself within the closet.
As I sit there in the dark,
on a trip of memories I embark.
My typical days are always long,
but soon forever they’ll be gone.
I’ll get ripped and lose my tone,
or, just maybe, be outgrown.
A shoe’s life is bitter cold,
such troubles rest on tender soles.

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