October 3, 2016


“We saw the river bed,
         dry green tunnels
                  and secret paths unseen,
And witnessed heaven through the treetops,
         saw how the sky was so, so blue
                  and wondered what it means.”

October is one of my favorite months, full of colorful leaves, spooky decorations, and the artistic event of Inktober. Technically Inktober is meant for artists, who draw one ink drawing per day, but my friend has put a writing spin on it by replacing drawings with handwritten pages. I used to write by hand all the time, and I find it’s a nice way to get the ideas flowing without worrying about editing, so I’ve decided to join the festivities. Unlike NaNoWriMo’s requirement of 50,000 words in 30 days, or 1,666 words a day, Inktober has the completely reasonable goal of what I would estimate is about 150 words a day. I’ll be starting October 8th, since this week I’ve got to draft an important paper for one of my classes (c'est la vie), but I’m still aiming for 31 pages. If you fancy yourself a writer, please join with your own word goal of however many pages you would like.

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