March 7, 2016

“Business Trip” Part 2 and WWWSC Pictures

This is what I look like! Mystery solved!
Part one of my business trip was a roaring success! I was invited to sit on two panels about writing steampunk (I explained that I sort of don't, but they insisted), did a bit of networking with other authors, and of course had all the non-writing-related fun the convention had to offer.

Part two of my trip will be selling books at the Tucson Festival of Books on Sunday, March 13th. I’ll be at the teen/children author’s pavilion* from 12:15 to 2:15. Please come and say hello.  If you buy a book, I’ll sign it!

The link for the pavilion keeps changing where it takes you on the map; the pavilion should be just south of the Psychology building, from what I can tell.)

And now, some pictures from the con:

Our booth!
My sister's merchandise: hats, parasols, metal claws, cuff links, bolo ties, etc.

One of my outfits: lady Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes without the cape (you can't tell, but all my jewelry has bees on it)

My sister/illustrator

A desperado sister ready for tea dueling!

It was very dusty there.  I had to keep my extra books in zip-lock gallon bags to keep them clean.


Convention stuff: program and badge, two bracelets I bought from Becky, tea I bought from a vendor. My sister's cat decided that she would pose oddly for the picture.

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