March 21, 2016

The World of Miscast Spells: Ataxia and Pandemonium

Ataxia is a large continent populated by goblins, monsters, and various species of megafauna (such as giant dodos). Much of its history has been lost due to goblins’ notorious habit of losing important scrolls and tapestries, and other events have become legendary. There are ten countries on the modern map of Ataxia, plus Pandemonium.

The Map of Ataxia. The city of Catawampus and Lesse's Moor should be more to the south, but I drew this in pen, so...

From south to north:

Styx is the southernmost country, and forms a land bridge with The Empire. It has the most temperate climate in Ataxia, but no goblin worth his salt would enjoy a temperate climate, nor waste any time on the Styxians and their overly-familiar ways with humans. Moving on...

Bombast lies to the northwest of Styx, and is a mountainous region known for its factories and industry. Though the Rodomontade Mountains are not particularly mineral-rich, Bombastic goblins continue to thrive in the region due to the goblinical preference for being high-up rather than low down.

In a small nook at the very top of Bombast is Din, Ataxia's smallest country. Many types of feathered goblins hail from this area. The country is famous for producing clocks and other clock-work devices.

Stuff and Nonsense are to the east of Bombast, and are divided by the Drivel River. The two countries have a tradition of blocking off portions of the river and diverting its course, so their border is constantly changing. The inhabitants of these countries don't do this to obtain more land so much as to flood their rival country’s crops.

Above Stuff is Rigmarole, which rises to a vast, windswept plateau. Among the grasses of this plateau sleep the kyo, Ataxian wildcats that are revered by the locals for their total lack of activity. It is said that a goblin could toil and work his whole life and still not match a kyo in lethargy; the irony of this statement seems to be largely lost on said locals. Mount Rigmarole, the country's only mountain, is famous for a tribe of goblins gifted with healing magic, the likes of which put human healing to humiliating shame.

North of Din is Gammon, which is comprised of a long, thin stretch of land running along the Ataxian coast, the Gammon Sea, and the Gammon Archipelago. Once plagued by pirates and an immortal beast or two (so they claim, at least), the Gammon Coast and Archipelago have quieted down in recent centuries. Their evergreen forests, multitudinous beaches, and rich history have made them into a thriving tourist spot.

On the opposite side of the continent, rocky spires jut out of the ocean; this is the country of Greml, from which all Gremlins hail. Due it's remoteness, Greml developed its own unique language and and even more unique culture. Because of the fact that all Gremlins hatch with two tiny wings on their back—or perhaps just out of sheer pig-headedness—Gremlin sentimentality revolves around the idea of flight. Gremlin scientists have drawn up numerous plans for air-delivered weapons, floating battle-ships, and sky-skimming aeroplanes. They have yet to actually manufacture such devices successfully, but that hasn't stopped them from incorporating the trappings of a aerial society into their technology, clothing, and architecture.

Back on the mainland is Poppycock, a forested, dragon-infested region. The famous bard, Circuitous Root—though originally from Pandemonium—is said to have written most of his poems while living in a cave in Poppycock, hiding from the country’s reptilian megafauna.

Sandwiched between Poppycock and Gammon is Catawampus, Ataxia's largest country. Catawampus is a melting pot of cultures, mostly due to the conquests of numerous smaller tribes by Havoc the Slayer. Major territories include Lesse's Moor, which was gifted to Duplicity Jinx when she wrestled western Catawampus from Gammon’s dominion in the Bedlam War; the fishing villages along the Hubbub and Hogwash Rivers; and the capital of Catawampus, which shares the country’s name. This walled city has a type of chaos all its own, known by the locals as “bureaucracy”, but the less said about that, the better.

To the far north is Pandemonium, a separate sub-continent. Though the goblins here dwell in small towns and tribes, they never came together to form any sort of unified country or government. Locations of interest include the Malarkey Ice Fields, the Tumult Mountain Range, and the Skimble-Skamble Forest (which is composed entirely of fungus).

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