November 12, 2016

Meet Alcea

Appearance: She has typical Chiaroscuran skin, with a white face and black diamond-shaped marking over one eye. She generally wears her long, white hair loose, but has been known to tie it up when the mood strikes her. Though she is petite, her sultry voice and domineering personality ensure that few people underestimate her.
Likes: Sebastian, lounging around, scheming, overly complicated machinery, art
Dislikes: Being lied to, not being in control, misplaced sentimentality
Favorite Food: Scones with jam
Spirit Animal: Gray fox
Spirit Vegetable Fruit: Grape
Little Known Fact: She actually likes children a lot, but would be abysmal at taking care of them.

Alcea is an acquaintance of Sebastian’s, but the two don’t get along very well. Still, she is one of the few people in Chiaroscuro that he confides in—at least on some level—owing in part to the fact that she often enters his chambers unannounced and unrequested. She is the sort who comes and goes as she pleases, and since Sebastian is relying on her for an important task, he can hardly ask her to desist, lest she hold back vital information from him. On the other hand, Sebastian has something that Alcea wants as well, so though they are not on equal footing, she at least respects most of his boundaries… for now.

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