November 22, 2016

Rose Corcoran Writes... an Essay

I'm in the throws of essay writing today, with less than thirty hours to finish the first big paper of my graduate career. All of my future blog posts need editing or drawings that don't exist yet, so I have nothing to offer you this week. Except some pictures. I feel that this blog has a decided lack of graphics, which I'm hoping to do something about over Christmas break, aided by a lovely little site called Canva that I found out about at a library convention (we librarian-types have such things).

Anyway, here are some pictures of my life for you to look at until next week, where I will hopefully have some exciting Outcast Shadows news.

Writer Chow: Keeping writers writing 

My roll-top desk. It isn't nearly as clean right now as in this picture.

The Barefoot Cowgirl Bookstore, where you can buy Miscast Spells!

Lewis Carroll, miniature tea sets, and Millie: what more does one need?

My cat. He's like if Sebastian bleached his hair.

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