October 2, 2017

Dust Witch Revamp Video

You may remember the original "Dust Witch" poem. Below is the new and improved version.

Dust Witch

Dust to dust, you call my name.
Summer's gone and turned to ashes
Now our train is pulling in.
Dandelions blowin' in the wind...

…Ashes to ashes…

Feels like I've been here before
in this empty weed-grown clearing.
Another time, another place,
different name and different face...

…Ashes to ashes…

A coffin made of ice and glass,
eyes sewn shut, hands read the future.
But fortune never smiled on me.
No one ever came to set me free.

Dust to dust
and ashes to ashes.

I run my fingers through the air.
A storm is coming,
singing of despair—
the sweetest sound
                                of all.

Dandelion wine is gone.
Lightning! Thunder! That’s our song.
Dust to dust
And ashes to ashes.

Summer, winter, spring, and fall—
once I really thought they'd all
           with me...
if I could just live on,

All my dreams flew from my hand,
hour-glass's falling sand
blowing in the wind
like dust and ashes…

…to ashes…

            From dark wrists black ink is bleeding:
            “Touch his heart and stop it beating.
            Turn his blood to dust, his heart to ashes.”

            My fingers pluck the strings of life—
            Old age, sadness, illness, strife—
            his life before his eyes like lightning flashes.

I strum out an epitaph.
Death stalks closer,
My heart shudders at the noise.
Warm summer days and laughing boys—

Never heeding dust, nor fearing ashes.

And then when he smiled at me
I heard a lightning melody…
   …came to set me free…

… laughing…
        …the sweetest wine
                                                  of all…

I could feel my glass heart shatter.
Dandelions fade and scatter
            mixing with my ashes,
and falling,
      dust to dust.

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