October 10, 2017

Meet Danika, Heidi, and Cecil

Meet Danika!

Full Name: Danika Morceau
Appearance: Danika is a tall Chiaroscuran with long, somewhat disheveled hair. Like her brother, she has a white complexion with two black stripes running up her cheeks
Likes: Mixing memories, creating new colors with chemicals, explosives (which are illegal in Chiaroscuro), cute hats (which are also illegal in Chiaroscuro), taking naps, reading 
Dislikes: Entropy, rotting garbage, the color black
Occupation: Chemist and memory merchant
Favorite Food: Meat dumplings
Spirit Animal: Crane
Spirit Vegetable: Onion
Little Known Fact: When Misha was offered the job of steward to King of Chiaroscuro, he asked Danika to move to the palace with him, but she insisted on staying in their old home at the edge of the city. He wasn’t sure if her decision was due to sentimentality, or to the fact that those living in the palace would not be copacetic with her more volatile experiments.

Danika was orphaned at a young age, due to her family living near the edge of the city during a Shadow Collapse Incident. She was left to take care of her baby brother, Misha, on her own. Though she did an admirable job of it, providing for the two of them with her exemplary memory mixing skills, the consensus of her friends and neighbors was that the trauma of the Collapse had caused her to go… well… a bit loopy. Despite the obvious danger, Danika insisted on mixing more and more volatile chemicals, until finally the Chiaroscuran Order of Law intervened and issued her with an order to cease and desist. Now, she only gathers ingredients necessary to make memories and other legally allowable mixtures… or so it seems.

Meet Heidi!

Full Name: Heidi Ebru
Appearance: Heidi is a short Chiaroscuran with a black complexion and a row of tiny white spots under her eyes.
Likes: Complaining, gathering herbs and ingredients, hot baths, walking on the beach
Dislikes: Cleaning, climbing stairs, people who don’t throw their trash in the proper receptacle
Occupation: Maid in the Empyreal Palace
Favorite Food: Anything seafood
Spirit Animal: Clam
Spirit Vegetable: Seaweed
Little Known Fact: Although she hates her job cleaning, she always gives it 100%, so her fellow maids and janitors highly respect her

Heidi’s family, like Misha’s, lives at the edge of Chiaroscuro and concocts a number of dangerous chemical experiments. Due to the increasing danger of the Shadow Crisis, and largely because of what happened to the Morceau family, her parents pressed all their children to seek nice, safe jobs in the palace. Unfortunately for Heidi, the only skills she learned growing up involved volatile chemicals, which would never be allowed in the interior of the city. To make her parents happy, however, she got the only job she felt capable of doing without a lot of training—cleaning.

Meet Cecil!

Full Name: Cecil Roderick Fugue
Appearance: Cecil is a short, stocky young Chiaroscuran with large, blotchy black and white markings
Likes: Honor, duty, martial arts, board games, the color red, the view from his apartment in the palace (which he shares with his mother, father, and three sisters)
Dislikes: Failing in his duty, spiders, criminals
Occupation: Palace guard, prisoner
Favorite Food: Pancakes
Spirit Animal: Chihuahua
Spirit Vegetable: Celery
Little Known Fact: Cecil is actually very intelligent, but his one-track mind makes him come across as stupid to the majority of people he meets.

Cecil had been enamored with the Chiaroscuran Order of Law since before he could remember, so everyone was certain that he would try out for their ranks when he came of age. What they weren’t so sure about was whether or not he would pass basic training, as he had never been the best at studying, preferring to stare out the window for hours on end or to pretend-swordfight with his sisters (his parents had a strict no-shadow-play policy). Sure enough, he failed the portions of training regarding municipal laws abysmally, but passed the portion pertaining to the layout of the palace and palatial rules with flying colors (he had, after all, lived there his whole life). He was thus allowed to pursue the palace guard track, where he excelled at physical combat and shadow tactics.

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