August 21, 2018

Where Do We Go From Here?

The Styx Trilogy has finally come to a close, and with it, the color-coding of this website. It was green for Miscast Spells, blue for Outcast Shadows, and purple for Recast Light. Now we enter a nebulous new era of works-in-progress (or WIPs, as they are colloquially known), outlining, drafting, and other writing adventures. Thus, I have adopted a more monochromatic, nuetral color scheme (though the design still nods to Styx, with the brocade and card suits).

That being said, where do we go from here?

Physically, Tucson. That is, I am currently in Tucson, Arizona, interning at the Tumamoc Hill Desert Research Laboratory, where I shall be cataloging their small libraryI'm also taking an in-person class at the University of Arizona and working on a digital portfolio. Soon, I will be a proper librarian, and not just a librarian in training. Because I'm focusing on school this semester instead of working like a maniac, I have also been reading a ton of books in preparation for various upcoming WIPs

Speaking of which, I plan on starting several of them—WIPs that is. One is a small endeavor, a sort of mini-memoir of library life chronicalling the strange things I have encountered in my various library jobs. Another is a whodunit novella-in-verse, wherein each character will have a different poetic style. This will be pretty complicated, but I figure that it might be a fun challenge, so why not give it a go? Any news pertaining to the mini-memoir will be listed under the Library Life page, and tagged as "The Ghost and John Grisham" (it will make sense when you read it). Anything pertaining to the novella will be tagged "novella-in-verse WIP", and will appear on the Musings page until I've actually finished writing it.

Finally, the WIP I'm most excited for, but that I must play close to the chest for now, is an alternate-history/fantasy/mystery. I've already started researching for this one, loosely outlining chapters, and becoming far too obsessed with the characters for my own good. I've got the overarching plot, motivations and backstories, and even tie-in blog posts all planned out in my brain. So why all the secrecy? Because it can't be released until 2023, due to copyright issues (that's your hint about what the book is a pastiche of!). Still, I shall post what I can about it in the Musings page, and anything pertaining to it will be tagged as "alternate-history/fantasy/mystery WIP", with more fleshed out information in the coming years. You can also follow the alternate-history/fantasy/mystery tag (#AHFM) on my Tumblr for tag games and random nonsense pertaining to some of the characters.

And with that, I open a new chapter in my life. My heart is a little sad saying goodbye to Styx, as it's been there for the past eleven years, but I'm also excited to write new characters having new adventures in new settings. As Delilah would say, "This is going to be fun!"

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