April 26, 2016

National Poetry Month: Ode to Turnabout

The following is a fanfiction poem based loosely off the Ace Attorney franchise, with Prosecutor Edgeworth on the right, and Defense Attorney Phoenix Wright on the left. There's more of an explanation under the poem.


The Short-Sighted Turnabout

September 14th, Twelve o'clock,
Inside Courtroom 2

April 18, 2016

National Poetry Month: Zelda Cinquains

I first set out
the old man said to me,
"It's dangerous to go alone.
Take this."

This week, for National Poetry Month, I tried to tackle of the Legend of Zelda series in a number of cinquains. 

April 13, 2016

National Poetry Month: Okami Chouka

Sun Song

The stagnant water
and the windless air cry out
in death-choked voices.
Their words float up before me:
“Where has the sun gone?”
“Why is the land over-run
with so much darkness?”
Maybe the bleak canvas needs
Perhaps a single brushstroke
could change our fortune.

April 4, 2016

National Poetry Month: Ghost Trick Villanelle

April is National Poetry Month here in America! To celebrate, I'm writing a new form poem every week. I'm trying forms I have not yet attempted in order to see how they work out. I think I'm also going to try to incorporate themes from my favorite video games into them as well. I feel like writers often sing the praises of their favorite books, but forget other mediums. The stories in video games are oftentimes just as well-crafted, deep, and moving as the most praise-worthy novel, so I want to use this month as a little shout-out to this oft-forgotten medium.