January 25, 2016

More Cover Art!!!

Here is the lovely back cover, complete with the back-of-the-book blurb and barcode. I've ordered proof copies to check if everything is ship-shape, and then Miscast Spells will be available for purchase.

January 18, 2016

Summer Storm

Outside the window
two wind chimes hang.
Their wooden bamboo tubes sway gently in the breeze
clacking and playing a tuneless song
for the rotund black and white cat to hear
as he sits on my grandma’s brick wall.
He seems to be taking a deeper look
into empty space than at the garden.
the wind blows harder,
a precursor to the coming goliath.
the shadow of a summer storm approaches.

January 11, 2016

Cover Art!!!

We have a front cover! My amazing illustrator, Claire, has braved the depths of off-brand Photoshop-esque software (some program for making manga, I think) to bring you this. We decided to go for a monochromatic theme for each book, but of course Delilah and her hair would stand for none of that. Well, it’s semi-monochromatic at least. The back cover will have Millie, Bostwick, and Emmaline on it (sorry, Sebastian; you’ll just have to wait for book two.)

Yes, that is Delilah upside-down drinking tea; one can do that sort of thing if one is elegant enough (and can float).

January 4, 2016

The World of Miscast Spells: Melieh's Academy of Magic

Melieh’s Academy of Magic is the Empire's one and only magic school. Founded almost three hundred years ago by Marco Melieh, the original purpose of this academy was to train humans in magic to combat the rash of goblin mayhem that had spread into the human countries. While goblins had enjoyed playing tricks on unwitting humans (often with painful and embarrassing results), humans could now turn the tables on their goblin tormenters and beat them at their own magical game. The human techniques worked so effectively—driving the easily offended goblins back to Ataxia—that “trick” became synonymous with “spell”. Once the goblins were dealt with, magicians turned their attention to the more peaceful prospect of magic for magic’s sake… and entertainment.