October 27, 2017

Poem for Sarah in October Video

Hi everyone! Sorry, once again, for the late update. Below is this month’s poem video, which is just a short reading of “A Poem for Sarah in October”. I don’t think I’ll be doing a poem in November, as I have other plans, but December will round out my poetry video “once a month” scheme. I think I wrote twelve poems this year, even if I didn’t do a proper video for each once a month, so I’ll double check and have the last few all together in December’s video (don’t worry; they’re all short).

October 10, 2017

Meet Danika, Heidi, and Cecil

Meet Danika!

Full Name: Danika Morceau
Appearance: Danika is a tall Chiaroscuran with long, somewhat disheveled hair. Like her brother, she has a white complexion with two black stripes running up her cheeks
Likes: Mixing memories, creating new colors with chemicals, explosives (which are illegal in Chiaroscuro), cute hats (which are also illegal in Chiaroscuro), taking naps, reading 
Dislikes: Entropy, rotting garbage, the color black
Occupation: Chemist and memory merchant
Favorite Food: Meat dumplings
Spirit Animal: Crane
Spirit Vegetable: Onion
Little Known Fact: When Misha was offered the job of steward to King of Chiaroscuro, he asked Danika to move to the palace with him, but she insisted on staying in their old home at the edge of the city. He wasn’t sure if her decision was due to sentimentality, or to the fact that those living in the palace would not be copacetic with her more volatile experiments.