March 29, 2016

Life is Busy! Please Stand By!

On the book front, I’m trying to drum up reviews, which reminds me uncomfortably of trying to query agents (I had an agent once, the way some people have weirdo ex-boyfriends or lunatic wives they lock in the attic… the less said about her and her wish to insert “a tantalizing glimpse of Millicent’s polka-dot stockings” into my story, the better… She actually said that. About Millicent!) Anyway, I have at least one person who’s agreed to review my book, and I’ll be sending out another bundle of reviewer-queries in the next few days.

March 21, 2016

The World of Miscast Spells: Ataxia and Pandemonium

Ataxia is a large continent populated by goblins, monsters, and various species of megafauna (such as giant dodos). Much of its history has been lost due to goblins’ notorious habit of losing important scrolls and tapestries, and other events have become legendary. There are ten countries on the modern map of Ataxia, plus Pandemonium.

The Map of Ataxia. The city of Catawampus and Lesse's Moor should be more to the south, but I drew this in pen, so...

March 14, 2016

"Business Trip" End and Festival of Books Pics

My business trip is finally over!

As I said last week, I attended the Tucson Festival of Books over the weekend. I was only there for two hours, but I sold a few books and many people grabbed my business-card-bookmarks.  I hope I’ll be able to go again next year.

March 7, 2016

“Business Trip” Part 2 and WWWSC Pictures

This is what I look like! Mystery solved!
Part one of my business trip was a roaring success! I was invited to sit on two panels about writing steampunk (I explained that I sort of don't, but they insisted), did a bit of networking with other authors, and of course had all the non-writing-related fun the convention had to offer.