May 24, 2017

NEW COVERS: Chiaroscuran Edition!

I am proud to announce a new edition of my books, with beautiful covers designed by myself and my sister, Claire! They feature the same illustrations as the originals, but with a sleek white background and a floral border. I think they look a bit more whimsical and artistic, hence “Chiaroscuran”, after the black and white city where art is held in the highest regard.

May 23, 2017

A Novel(la) Concept

As you may have noticed, my first May post has been abysmally late. It was originally scheduled for the 10th, then I bumped it to the 17th (I felt that writing my final paper needed my attention that week), and yet here we are on May 23rd, and there is still no post. Worry not, gentle reader, for it will be forthcoming, and for your patience, you will be rewarded with three posts this week.