November 2, 2015


Moonlight crashes down in waves around us,
as we face each other,
Death and I.
She is beautiful,
even with her bone white smile
and merciless eyes.
And I stand at the ready
for a battle or a dance,
whichever she decides.

I sit stewing, alive,
and my chest aches
and a heart
that I’m not even sure exists
beats, keeping me alive,
forcing sad memories through my veins.
If I plunge a blade through my skin
all that comes out is wisps
of smoke and shadow,
nothing more.

Death is close enough to touch,
in every corridor,
in my own shadow,
but she steps back,
evading my embrace.
She turns her masked face away from me
as if repulsed.

She grows tired of our back and forth dance
and in one motion
brings me to my knees.
Blood spills out,
running between paving stones.
She leans in.
I finally feel her breath on my skin
and see her face,
and then
I am alone.

My heart beats for itself now,
striving not to stop.
I cross this sunlit courtyard
to the archway leading out,
and step onto the road
where Death will walk with me
as I live my life,