November 9, 2015


November is known as "National Novel Writing Month", or NaNoWriMo (or just NaNo), a time when ambitious authors try to write 50,000 words, which is either a complete novella or a good start to a novel. To be honest, I have tried and failed at NaNo several times, mostly due to this being a busy time of school and life (summer is oh-so-much better for writing, in my opinion). Now, though, my life has become less complicated and, moreover, I'm itching to get a good bit of writing done, so I decided to do a modified NaNo this year. I'm still going to try for 50,000 words, but I'm not going to tie myself down to one novel. I have at least three good novel ideas vying for attention in my head, as well as some more versatile project ideas for this website. Thus, I will write whatever novel, serial, or short story comes easiest.

I'm first focusing on finishing the final short story tie-in for Miscast Spells, which will be a story spotlighting the princess-turned-rabbit, Emmaline. I outlined and wrote some notes (read: scribbled wildly and near-illegibly in a notebook) and started typing those up at the end of October and the beginning of November, but properly started writing and editing yesterday, November 8th. As of today, I have 5,267 words, well within my goal of 2,500 words a day.

NaNo is off to a good start. Let's keep it up!

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