January 6, 2017

Blog Spiffification

As you’ve probably noticed, things look a little different around here. The past two weeks have been a time of great spiffification (which of course means the act of becoming enspiffened), and I have spiffed up just about everything that I could, making my blog all bright and shiny. Some changes you may have noticed in particular:

About page — I added a bit more to this page, rearranged it, and turned my email address into a link.

"Read More" links — I knew that one had the option of making these the default for all posts, but only in the past month have I learned how to add them to individual posts. I have since added them to long posts, such as short stories, and to any posts that may contain spoilers.

Poems — I used to have long and often rambling explanations before some of my poems, particularly those that reference other peoples’ works. I have moved these to come after each poem and separated many of them by “read more” links. The exceptions are the Zelda Cinquains, which have explanations throughout.

Fancy headers — I have never liked the look of my header on this blog, nor on many other of my websites. Thankfully, my sister designed some brocade to go on Sebastian’s coat on the Outcast Shadows cover. I thought it was so intricate and lovely that I asked if I could use it for various and sundry website needs. Using my sister’s design and a program called Canva, I redesigned the headers for my Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as all of the covers for my short stories on Wattpad. This was made convenient by the fact that Canva offers correctly sized templates for each of these websites. It’s an amazing little program (and free!); I highly recommend it for any simple graphic design needs.

That’s about everything. Next week, come hell or high water, will be the cover reveal, followed by other Outcast Shadows-relevant news in the coming weeks.

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