January 31, 2017

Meet Raina and Bedlam

Meet Raina!

Full Name: Raina Cacoethes of Styx 
Appearance: Like all Styx Goblins, she resembles a human save for her long, pointed ears, snake eyes, and green hair. She is short in stature and has a severe squint.
Likes: Cooking, letter writing, the starry night sky, playing tricks on people, dueling, portmanteaus, her father and her maiden aunt, Bedlam’s enthusiasm
Dislikes: Being made a fool of, being mistaken for a human, licorice
Favorite Food: Mushroom soup
Spirit Animal: Ferret
Spirit Vegetable: Cactus
Little Known Fact: She was the first Styx goblin to name each and every wyrm in the castle garden, and taught Delilah to recognize them.

Meet Bedlam!

Full Name: Bedlam Lesse
Appearance: He sports multiple piercings along his batty ears and wears his spiky magenta hair short. His Lessarian apparel incorporates leather and many, many buttons.
Likes: Machines, springs, gears, the smell of oil, Raina’s ferocity
Dislikes: His brother, being shot at, early mornings
Favorite Food: Grilled moor eel
Spirit Animal: Bat
Spirit Vegetable: Beet
Little Known Fact: Due to his hobby of scrounging around Catawampian alleys for potentially magical specimens, Bedlam was the designated errand-boy for any moorish matters requiring Catawampian input; this has given him a healthy hatred of bureaucracy.

Raina and Bedlam are mentioned in passing in Miscast Spells, and may just make an appearance in Outcast Shadows, but the real reason I’m giving them their own “Meet” page is that I’m writing a serialized novella about how they met, titled Love and Chaos. It’s a story of arranged marriage, betrayal, and Gremlins. I’m not sure if it will end up being three, four, or five parts long, as I’m still deciding on where to break the chapters, but you can expect the first installment sometime in February.

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