January 18, 2017


It’s twenty-nine days since the Solstice
and the light is noticeably different.
The weather isn’t.
My soul is ready for spring
and the birds are ready,
Wood smoke in the air reminds me of barbecues,
and snow clouds topped with sunlight,
like Sedona hills in summer,
make me feel alive.
With the new year
the future seems wide open,
but there are still seventeen days till the cross quarter,
sixty-two till the Equinox.
Something is about to happen.
I’m ready,

I really am waiting! Outcast Shadows is being ebook-ified as we speak, and the back cover is being sketched. All the other files are totally formatted and ready, and I'm chomping at the bit to upload them!

On the poetry front, I'm contemplating doing two projects this year. One, related to the above poem, is to write a free-verse poem for each month, sort of encapsulating my feelings. I'm very attuned to the changes in light, which unfortunately makes me ready for the next season about a month before it actually occurs (like that subtle shift in the sky in August that tells you fall is on it's way? You know the one). That being said, I really do enjoy every month except January, which has no holidays and no greenery, but this year I'm sort of taking it as it is: a time of waiting and readying oneself for the year to come. And as far as the other months, well, you'll see my feeling in poetic form later.

My other project, inspired by my poet friend 
Kaye Spivey, is to try reading some of my poems aloud and posting the videos. Some of my more out-there poems, like "Dust Witch", I feel would benefit from a read-aloud. So look for those at some point, and await with bated breath next week's post which will hopefully involve giveaways and preorders and all that good stuff!

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