June 2, 2015


If you've found this site, it means I've done something right! As you can probably tell from the state of things, I'm not very good with websites and HTML. As such, the layout and look of this sight will most likely change from time to time as I try to resolve issues and make everything look less slap-dash. It already took me half an hour to fix the font size on one page, and that was only with the help of Sophia's Favorite (click on the link. Go there. Read things. Thank him for helping me by giving him page hits). Ahem... What I'm driving at is, please bear with me.

But enough about that!

Welcome! This website is devoted to writing. Whether you like poems or prose, I hope you will find something here that entertains you. As it says on the "About" page, there will be a new post every week. This week is a poem about goblins and the type of poems they write. There will also be short story tie-ins and information about Miscast Spells, a fantasy novel that features tea, pineapples, goblins, magic, and maids. We're currently working on formatting the finished copy and doing cover art, but will be forthcoming with release dates and purchasing information it as soon we've hammered out details.

For now, enjoy browsing what little content I have and please subscribe.

--Your humble author, Rose Corcoran

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