August 24, 2015

Meet Sebastian!

Full Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: 1’5” when sitting        
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Black and white fur
Likes: Reading, sulking, magical theory, humans, sweets
Dislikes: Delilah, Styx, being touched suddenly, seeing people being manipulated
Occupation: Unknown
Favorite Food: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Spirit Animal: Cat
Spirit Vegetable Fruit: Lemon
Little Known Fact: He has only 
tried fish once, and he hated it. Still, if Millicent offered him some (she assumes he likes it, since he is a cat), he would probably eat it anyway.

Sebastian is quite the cat of mystery. He used to be a goblin, he holds a grudge against the Styxian royal family, and he knows a thing or two about magic, but other than that, he keeps his thoughts to himself. Though he is generally polite around other people, he prefers to be left to his own devices, where he can brood contemplate matters in peace. His knowledge of the world is extensive, but spotty in some areas. Most of what he knows comes from the countless books he has read over the years.

Read more about him in “Curiosity and the Cat”, a vignette that occurs at an unknown time, in an undisclosed location.




And, since there's such a dearth of information on Sebastian, have a completely ridiculous picture of him doing a cat-like pose that he would never actually do, but that Claire had fun drawing:

And here's one of my cat in a similarly silly pose: