September 28, 2015

Meet Delilah!

Full Name: Queen Delilah Glossolalia of Styx
Age: Fifty-six (whatever that means for a goblin); fifty-three in "Goblins and Ghosts"
Height: 5’11”        
Eyes: Large and yellow with snake pupils
Hair: Long, spiky, and bubblegum pink,
Likes: Fashion, lounging around, string, springs, practical and impractical jokes, pineapples, teasing people, the color purple
Dislikes: Losing, being mistaken for a human, anyone who threatens Styx
Occupation: Queen of Styx
Favorite Food: Black Jelly
Place of Hatching: Styx Castle, Styx
Spirit Animal: Cat
Spirit Vegetable Fruit: Pineapple
Little Known Fact: She gets her hair from her father’s side of the family. Most Styxians have blue or green hair.

Illustration by Claire Corcoran
Delilah is the last in a long line of goblin royalty, and runs the country of Styx with an iron fist and a decided lack of impulse control. She holds countless lives in her hands, yet seems much more ready to play the odd card game or sit around teasing Bostwick than focus her time on royal duties, though a recent rash of bombings may have finally drawn her attention away from her more diverting pursuits.

Along with the title of queen, Delilah also carries the legendary Domino of Nonpareil, a magical mask that allows her to transform into anything she imagines… and what she usually imagines is something to play tricks on people or listen in on their private conversations. Still, despite her capricious habits there may be more method to her madness than meets the eye.  

In “Hatchdays and Laydays”, you caught a brief glimpse of her personality, and you’ll see a bit more in "Goblins and Ghosts".