November 23, 2015

Meet Emmaline!

Full Name: Emmaline Camellia, Twelfth Heir to the Principality of Camellia
Age: Fourteen (Thirteen in "Tale of a White Rabbit")
Height: 4’11”  /  4½” when on all fours
Eyes: Brown  /  black
Hair: Long, blonde, and curly  /  White fur
Likes: Tea, politics, history, logic, international relations, blue birds
Dislikes: Being cursed, hasenpfeffer, tyrants, rudeness
Occupation: Princess  /  Magician’s rabbit
Favorite Food: Tea sandwiches
Place of Birth: Camellia, Empire
Spirit Animal: Rabbit
Spirit Vegetable: Sweet potato
Little Known Fact: She is twelfth in line for the throne of Camellia, behind her eleven siblings, and thus has absolutely no aspirations for the throne.

This adorable scene brought to you by Claire Corcoran.

When growing up in the tea-loving country of Camellia, Emmaline once got hopelessly lost as a child, causing a nationwide search for her (but since Camellia is a very small nation, that’s less dire than it sounds). The official royal tea inspector, Mr. Charles, found her, and after that, she would follow him everywhere. He didn’t seem to mind, so the family left her to his care, instructing him to teach her in the ways of tea, politics, and trade.

Emmaline took all his lessons to heart, and already had a good head on her shoulders, making her the voice of reason when she and Bostwick traveled to the often unreasonable world of Ataxia. Though raised to be demure and diplomatic, the situation she finds herself in necessitates a bit more honesty and, at times, scratching, kicking, or biting—it’s less violent than it sounds. She is also surprisingly able to put up with Bostwick’s grouchiness, but even she can’t stand it in large doses.

…Did I mention she spends a large portion of Miscast Spells as a rabbit?

Read more about her in "Tale of a White Rabbit", as she and Bostwick spend their first few days in Ataxia.

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