January 11, 2016

Cover Art!!!

We have a front cover! My amazing illustrator, Claire, has braved the depths of off-brand Photoshop-esque software (some program for making manga, I think) to bring you this. We decided to go for a monochromatic theme for each book, but of course Delilah and her hair would stand for none of that. Well, it’s semi-monochromatic at least. The back cover will have Millie, Bostwick, and Emmaline on it (sorry, Sebastian; you’ll just have to wait for book two.)

Yes, that is Delilah upside-down drinking tea; one can do that sort of thing if one is elegant enough (and can float).


  1. Replies
    1. I think so, too. Claire managed to find just the right greens to go with Delilah's hair.