March 14, 2016

"Business Trip" End and Festival of Books Pics

My business trip is finally over!

As I said last week, I attended the Tucson Festival of Books over the weekend. I was only there for two hours, but I sold a few books and many people grabbed my business-card-bookmarks.  I hope I’ll be able to go again next year.

That's my name in the middle there!
So green! My sister wisely put the big poster outside the tent to try and lure people in (it worked; one couple hand been looking specifically for my book!)
In addition to that, I gave some talks a my aunt’s school. I spoke with 1st through 5th graders about the Festival of Books, getting ideas for stories, and my own writing process. They asked really good questions and the older ones seemed pretty interested in my story (yay!). I’m thinking of maybe talking to some of the elementary or middle schools here (I substitute teach at our high school, so it might be kind of weird to do it there), but we’ll have to see; it’s definitely an ego boost to talk with kids about writing, but it’s also a little intimidating.

Anyway, my trip was fun (and fairly successful), but it’s nice to be back home. I’m in the mood to write again, and will probably post the final “World of Miscast Spells” post next week. Stay tuned! (and with that, I’m off to bed).

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