October 25, 2016

Three Short Poems

Here are three short poems for October, concerning Octobery things like emo poetry, spider webs, and blackbirds.

Emo Poetry

I love you, Emo Poetry.
         And that’s my confession.
I wallow in sadness,
         despair, and depression.
Tears mixed with blood
          in pools of obsession,
and tears don’t come cheap—
         Consarn this recession!

Just Kidding! Here’s an actual emo poem:

The Memory of You

The memory of you still clings to me
like strands of spider web.
Every time I move
to cut a part of you away,
I entangle myself further.

I must say emo poet is a talent of mine. But enough of that depressing stuff. How about some nonsense?

Too Many Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

I love poems about birds that are black
like ink, and eat road-killed-rat-flesh for a snack
and talk of dead women who’ll never come back,
         like The Raven,
         with Peter Lorre.

But “Thirteen Ways” are too many, you know,
to talk about blackbirds, and all that it shows
is you’ve spent too much time with the raven and crow,
         Wallace Stevens,
         Ha-ho, I’m not sorry.

Incidentally, I actually really like certain stanzas of “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird”, but feel it would be better broken into several—if not thirteen—smaller poems. I especially like stanzas IV and XIII. Oh, and that bit about Peter Lorre? He really was in a movie based (or so it claims) on Poe’s poem, only it’s a wacky fantasy featuring Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, and a very young Jack Nicholson. Peter Lorre plays the raven!

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