December 7, 2016

Meet Sebastian (Again)

This post concerns Sebastian in his true form. It contains some spoilers if you haven't finished Miscast Spells, but if you have, feel free to click the "Read More" link.

Appearance: Unlike his round and fluffy cat body, Sebastian’s true form is that of a statuesque Chiaroscuran; the only thing he retains from his cat-appearance are his yellow eyes, though like all Chiaroscurans, he has round pupils. His black markings are mainly concentrated on his arms, back, and chest, though his feet are also speckled with black. He ties his long hair back in a braid because it tangles easily, and usually wears an embroidered blue and white military-style coat.
So angry! He's probably thinking about Delilah...

Likes: Chiaroscuro, reading, sulking, magical theory, humans, sweets, high up views, justice
Dislikes: Delilah, Alcea, Styx, being touched suddenly, seeing people being manipulated, talking about his past, pain, having people around while he eats
Occupation: King of Chiaroscuro
Favorite Food: Pastries
Spirit Animal: Cat
Spirit Vegetable Fruit: Lemon
Little Known Fact Anti-Fact: Can he sing? Who knows? He has never tried.

Sebastian is the King of Chiaroscuro, though the title is largely honorary (especially since, until recently, he was a cat). Still, a title like that comes with perks, and since goblins consider it always better to be high up than low down, the Chiaroscuran Council awarded Sebastian the King’s Chambers at the top of the Empyreal Palace. Though he occasionally meets with them and is present at state dinners, he prefers to hide away in his chambers and read. Despite this unsocial behavior, he has a great love for the city and its people, even if he can’t bring himself to share in their lives.

Since regaining his true form, Sebastian has been busy setting several plans in motion, aided largely by Misha. His main concern is somehow getting Chiaroscuro’s newest resident, Millicent, to cooperate in a plan that involves events he would rather not remember. Still, after years of brooding silently up in his tower, it might be nice to pour his heart out to someone for a change…

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