May 24, 2017

NEW COVERS: Chiaroscuran Edition!

I am proud to announce a new edition of my books, with beautiful covers designed by myself and my sister, Claire! They feature the same illustrations as the originals, but with a sleek white background and a floral border. I think they look a bit more whimsical and artistic, hence “Chiaroscuran”, after the black and white city where art is held in the highest regard.

The spines match better! This is very important.

Because the interior is the same (though I fixed a few typos that were eating away at my soul), the price will be the same for either edition. Originals will still be available if you prefer them (or need to complete the set!). Below are a list of ISBNs for each book, in case you must specify. The editions can be further distinguished by the fact that the originals have the subtitle "Styx Trilogy Book One" (or Two), while the Chiaroscuran Editions have only the title of each individual book, on the cover and in the metadata for the title.

Original Miscast Spells: 978-1-943798-00-1
Original Outcast Shadows: 978-1-943798-04-9

Chiaroscuran Edition Miscast Spells: 978-1-943798-06-3
Chiaroscuran Edition Outcast Shadows: 978-1-943798-07-0

As for purchasing these beauties, I have enabled them for distribution, but it may take a couple days for them to show up on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Once they do, I will update my "Buy the Books" page and make an announcement here and on my social network pages. 

So whimsical!
So lovely!

...the original color scheme
Notice that we kept...

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