October 27, 2017

Poem for Sarah in October Video

Hi everyone! Sorry, once again, for the late update. Below is this month’s poem video, which is just a short reading of “A Poem for Sarah in October”. I don’t think I’ll be doing a poem in November, as I have other plans, but December will round out my poetry video “once a month” scheme. I think I wrote twelve poems this year, even if I didn’t do a proper video for each once a month, so I’ll double check and have the last few all together in December’s video (don’t worry; they’re all short).

Aside from school, one thing which has been eating up my time is getting ready for a local craft show. If you’re in Flag and want to drop by, that would be lovely. I’ll be selling my books, as well as some pressed flower bookmarks:

I'll be selling many non-book related things, but this is an author’s blog, so I tried to remain topical. Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely rest of you October, and a Happy Halloween!

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