March 28, 2020

Worldbuilding Worksheet

Back when I was a Writer-in-Residence for my local library, one of the workshops I ran was about Worldbuilding. I made a whole worksheet packet about it, including a chart where people can fill in facts about their own fictional worlds.

That being said, this isn't my own worldbuilding process. I'm good at letting my mind wander and make connections where it will, but I tried to break down that process and represent it on paper for other people to use. It might be helpful to some of you out there who may be struggling with worldbuilding, or who just want to beef-up the details of your world. Feel free to share it with any other writers you know.

You can download the worksheet by clicking on this link (it's a Word file instead of a PDF, for reasons relating to my cheapness and not wanting to pay for the ability to do both landscape and portrait mode in Canva).

That's all I have this week, as I'm working on a Love & Chaos related project and need to devote my time to that. Stay tuned!

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