January 24, 2021

Not to Be a Lifestyle Blogger, But...

 ...Sometimes I just wanna blog about my lifestyle, you know? I promise it won't become a constant thing, at least not on here.

See, I fell off the Instagram bandwagon sometime around Christmas, what with, well, everything, and was just about to give up on it. I haven't figured out the magic formula for making it into a proper "bookstagram". Or rather, I know full well what the proper formula isposting constantly, and including full-on book reviewsbut I am far too lazy to employ it. For one thing, I don't enjoy typing long-form on my phone. For another, I don't always have that much to say about what I'm currently reading until I'm done currently reading it. Hence reading round-ups and Rant Rave Reviews. And, perhaps most detrimental of all is the fact that most of the books I read are e-audiobooks, which simply do not photograph, well, at all.  

But I have also, in my secret heart, been wanting to post about non-writerly things, like cute food, and the forest, and fashion. I have been tempted by a myriad morikei & cottagecore blogs into posting random thoughts about how to wear sweaters or a bunch of photos of trees and grass and whatnot. The most egotistical part of me (roughly 75%) wants to take pictures of myself in all my cute outfits and slap them up on the internet for the world to see.

But there's no place for that here. This is Rose Corcoran Writes dot come, not Rose Corcoran.... (gestures vaguely at a picture of a dozen porcelain tea sets that she has collected since she was three years old)... whatever this is. No, I shall not infect this site with a bunch of randomness completely unrelated to storytelling and writer-craft.

But I will split the difference. Rather than ending my Instagram's weak and feeble life, I shall keep it around to post all that non-writerly nonsense. Sure, I'll still take way too long to stage book photo ops with thematically linked props and snacks (it's a hobby, ok?), but I'll also add pictures of cute cats and pretty leaves and bento and so on. And I won't worry about how frequently or infrequently I post on there; I'll just post whenever I have a cute picture about my cute life.

It's almost like the real Instagram was the spontaneous pictures we took along the way. Who would have thought!

So if you're into those kind of trivial frivolities, go ahead give me a follow. And now back to your regularly scheduled writing posts.

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