May 2, 2016

Meet the Illustrator!

Emmaline learning to turn pages with her little paws. It's quite a chore!

Full Name: Claire Corcoran
Age: Thirty-three
Height: 5’6"
Eyes: Green
Hair: Light brown
Likes: Planes, art, Transformers, steampunk, cosplay, Star Wars, adventure, southern Arizona,
Dislikes: Bad writing, vinegaroons, people who turn left out of the traffic lane when there is a turn lane
Occupation: Teacher/artist
Favorite Food: Mexican food
Place of Birth: Arizona
Spirit Animal: Cat
Spirit Vegetable: Sweet potato
Little Known Fact: She has dyed her hair almost every color (including pink with glitter!)

Claire is the cover artist for the Styx Trilogy, and would be the illustrator except that formatting illustrations was one headache I didn't want to deal with. She's also my sister, and is the main person I bounce ideas off of before and during writing, and while re-writing. We share a terrifying hive-mind, finishing each others sentences, speaking in unison, and having conversations without the use of nouns.

Here's some early concept art and later sketches (some of them were very faint, so I adjusted the color and contrast to darken up the lines):
Bostwick's soul. This face expresses his innermost feelings.

A queen and her butler. I love this picture!

Millicent from that one scene in Chapter 11. Picture this dress in every shade of pink. (I actually think it's adorable, even if she doesn't like it!)

Millicent in her normal clothes.

A sketch of the first cover idea for Miscast Spells. I kind of wanted it to look like a manga cover, I guess? We ended up going with an upside-down Delilah instead, because it was more eye-catching and goblinical. I did put this picture of Millicent on my business cards, though.

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  1. Oh I love these. So cute. Love your book too. I picked it up down town randomly and I wrote you a nice review for the web site I work for. I review a local author's book I bought myself this time Miscast Spells, by Rose Corcoran