July 11, 2016

Meet Clarence and Misha

You've met these two characters before in "Curiosity and the Cat" and "Her Eyes Were Limpet Pools", but here's a little more about each of them:

Meet Clarence!

He sparkels even though he wears rags!
Full Name: Clarence Bellemont
Appearance: Clarence has blue eyes, wavy blonde hair, and a dazzling smile that he shares with everyone he meets. He's also tall and moderately athletic.
Likes: Being the center of attention, adventure, helping people, spicy food, goblins, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people
Dislikes: People feeling sorry for him when they learn that he's an orphan, lima beans
Occupation: Door-to-door magician
Favorite Food: Curry
Spirit Animal: Dog
Spirit Vegetable: Hot pepper
Little Known Fact: Clarence has relatives from every country in the Empire and is distantly related to the first empress, Hypatia Mbaga (which means he is also very distantly related to the current empress).

Clarence's parents died in an accident when he was just a baby, and since then, he's been raised by a number of aunts and uncles. Thus, he's experienced life in many countries throughout the Empire while living with various relatives. While studying at Melieh's Academy of Magic, he learned that there was such a thing as a door-to-door magician—one who makes their living traveling and bringing magic to the four corners of the globe. This struck Clarence as the ideal way to live, and he had his heart set on it ever since.

Since visiting Bostwick in Styx, and aided by his magic carpet, he went on to travel through Ataxia and learn about different goblin cultures. Since Delilah & Co. will also need to search around Ataxia, he just might make an appearance in Outcast Shadows.

Meet Misha!
His favorite activities include zoning out and being adorable.

Full Name: Misha Morceau
Appearance: Like all Chiaroscurans, Misha's skin is black and white with a blueish tint due to blue blood. His face is white with a black marking running up each cheek from his neck to just under his eyes. His torso and arms are mostly black, and his legs are speckled gradually with more and more white, down to his completely pale feet. His hair is white, a bit disheveled, and hangs down to his jawline.
Likes: Insects, Chiaroscuro, Styx, hot cocoa, rainy days
Dislikes: Forgetting things, getting yelled at, not being able to go outside, windy days on the few occasions when he is allowed outside
Occupation: Memory merchant and steward to the King of Chiaroscuro
Favorite Food: Sweet potatoes cooked with spices
Spirit Animal: Sloth
Spirit Vegetable: Cauliflower
Little Known Fact: His room is being occupied by an outsider during Outcast Shadows, and he sleeps for the time being in his memory-closet. He never brings it up due to decorum.

Misha's family have been memory merchants since Chiaroscurans first learned that one could collect or manufacture memories using daft stalks. Though he is skilled at fabricating false memories, he doesn't particularly care for his job, and only sticks with it because memory merchants are some of the few Chiaroscurans allowed to leave the city for the purpose of gathering supplies.

His other occupation is being Sebastian's steward, which until recently involved bringing him books to read and arranging meetings with the Council. Now, however, he finds himself in the peculiar situation of caring for Sebastian's very unexpected guest, to whom he has been instructed not to reveal any Chiaroscuran secrets. That shouldn't be too difficult, since Misha has misplaced more than a few of his own memories.

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